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"If you own a website the bottom line is not traffic ... the bottom line is converting traffic into "customers"! Customers are website visitors who don't just visit; they "do" something ... they proceed to some kind of "action". Maybe you want them to buy your product or service or maybe become a member or give you information about themselves or click on your links. The bottom line is not getting traffic; it's getting your website visitors to "do" something you want them to do. This is called sales. And you definitely want to get more of it.

- wise website marketing

Dear webmaster,

Hi there! My name is Andrew and I'm the author of the above words of wisdom.

And I found a way to easily and quickly turn website traffic into customers. I found an easy, quick, effective way to get more sales.

Yes, I know ... lots of people say that. But I really did! I found a way that can easily and quickly boost online sales.

And yes, I'll tell you the secret.....


Here's the key. The key was putting myself in the shoes of the website visitor. When I did I realized that, by the very nature of the internet, it is very difficult for website visitors to really know who they are dealing with.


I realized that when a visitor first lands on someone's website (other than a major well-established organization) a part of them is thinking -- can I trust this site? will I be treated properly? or will I be ripped off?

Yes, you know your online operation is honest and legitimate ... but they don't!

That's what makes first-time visitors to individual and small business websites a bit edgy ... a little anxious ... more than a tiny bit cautious and more than a tiny bit suspicious.

And who can blame them? It's human nature.

Yes, I'm going to tell you the secret. Right now!

The secret is fear! Every user has a fear of being scammed. Fear of invasion of privacy. Fear of their credit card information being stolen.

If you can reduce the fear you can do lots more business!

Guess what? I found an easy and quick way to do just that. To quickly and easily reduce the fear of each visitor to your website. Any legitimate website!

And yes, I am going to show you how. But first, just so you know we're not scammers or spammers or loonies, let me take a brief moment to address the question of credibility. Who are we?


As founder of the program, I have over 30 years of U.S. and international marketing and management experience, ranging from investment banking to internet marketing consulting. I have done work for the City of New York, the Olympic Games and many other prestigious organizations and now specialize in helping small businesses and individuals. East Coast born and raised, for the past 15 years I have resided in sunny and warm Los Angeles.

Yes, it's really me!

My partner is an established authority on Fashion; she has built an international internet business spanning the U.S., Europe, Asia and Australia. She is camera shy.

OK, now that that's out of the way, let's get back to your website's nervous first-time visitors.....

So now you see how critical it is to give first-time visitors to your website a greater sense of safety, comfort, reassurance. If you reduce the fear, relieve that first-time edginess, you increase the trust factor. The higher the trust factor the more business you can do!

Wouldn't it benefit you to project
instant trust, instant credibility?

I found a very good way to do just that. Here's how you can generate instant trust and credibility on your website.....



Imagine visitors on your website... as they decide whether to proceed or leave ... being reassured that yours is indeed a reputable operation.

Imagine your website proudly displaying the Reputable Websites symbol that projects instant trust and instant credibility.....


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Imagine the advantage you'll enjoy over other sites that are not endorsed and do not display a symbol of trust and credibility.

  • In as little as 15 minutes you can be displaying our copyrighted and trademarked internet endorsement symbol on your website!

  • In as little as 15 minutes your website can project instant trust and credibility!

  • In as little as 15 minutes you can be converting traffic into more customers!

It's quick and it's easy. No tricks. No hidden fees, No gimmicks. No bull.

I invite you to join now and gain worldwide internet endorsement for your website. Display the Reputable Website symbol on your website ... and reap the rewards of internet endorsement ... of projecting instant trust and credibility to your visitors!

Here's how to join .....



There are two simple requirements to becoming a Reputable Websites member; agreeing to and abiding by the Conditions of Membership and donating a small membership fee to cover our administrative overhead. Currently the membership fee is only $12. For the year.

Upon acceptance your online site will be featured as a reputable website pledged to high ethical standards, a website that is trustworthy and credible and entitled to display the Reputable Website symbol on your website. You must be a registered member in order to display our symbol. Because, though it would be easy to illegally use our symbol, it won't work. Because when website visitors click on the symbol to check out a site, we will only confirm and verify registered members. Thus any cheaters will not come up and will not be verified in our database as a member.

Here are the Conditions Of Membership.....

As the website owner and/or webmaster I hereby agree to adhere to the following principles of internet ethics:

  • I will operate my site legally

  • I will operate my site honestly

  • I will operate my site ethically

  • I will not mislead visitors on my site

  • I will endeavor to provide correct info and links

  • I will endeavor to handle all valid inquiries in a timely and appropriate manner

  • I will abide by a policy of privacy

  • I will not spam

We reserve the right to withhold, reject or cancel membership by parties whose products/services are deemed inappropriate.

If we receive a number of complaints on a member (within a 12 month period) membership may be immediately revoked and permission to use the Reputable Websites symbol, logo or materials may be rescinded.

Copyrights and trademarks may not be duplicated or used without express written permission of the holder. Copyrights and trademarks are protected and enforceable under U.S. federal law

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